Emsculpt NEO


EMSCULPT NEO® is a world-famous body contouring device which is now available at VitalityMD!!!

TONE, SCULPT and TIGHTEN your form with no surgery and no downtime.

Want a Butt Lift without doing a zillion squats or lifting weights or surgery? Then try Emsculpt Neo® Toronto for great results.

EMSCULPT NEO ® is the latest evolution in Body Contouring, but it does SO much more than that! It’s ALSO considered a Medical Wellness Device.

Activate muscles that you have a hard time tapping into, like those abs and glutes. This multifaceted approach to body contouring is equivalent to 20,000 super-maximal contractions in each session that you can’t generate with normal exercise no matter how hard you try.

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