Weight Loss Program


90 Day Weight loss Program at VitalityMD

This intensive, medically supervised weight loss program is provided by our team of Doctors, Nurses and Coaches, MD, CCFP, Dip of ABOM. The team uses a holistic approach to create an individualized program for every client. Clients will have weekly visits with one of the team members to track their progress during the program. In addition to creating a diet, exercise, and lifestyle program for clients, we also use supplements and medications to facilitate your weight loss. Further, the program emphasizes lifestyle modification and improvement of your overall health and wellness.

Included in the program:
- 12 visits with a member of the Weight Loss Team

- Comprehensive Assessments at visits 1, 6, and 12

- Weekly injections with fat-loss Vitamin Supplements

- Nutrition Counselling

- Exercise Counselling

- 3 30-minute infrared sauna sessions (1 per month)

- Complete blood work panel at start and end of program

- Body Compositional Analysis at start and end of program

- Program manual and weekly educational content

- Weight loss medication to jump start your weight loss

- Comprehensive final report including before and after photos

We are excited to offer this program exclusively at Vitality MD. We are advocates of living a healthy lifestyle as a means of disease prevention and we practice what we preach.
To find out more contact our clinic directly at 416-792-1100 or email and we can book you an initial virtual consultation with one of our team members.

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