Are you peezing, i.e. leaking every time you cough, jump, or laugh? Give yourself the gift of relief and feel confident again after sitting on the EMSELLA® chair. This amazing non-invasive device is the latest improvement for incontinence and sexual dysfunction. In just 6 simple sessions both men and women can benefit from receiving 11,000 perfectly contracted kegels all while sitting on a chair, fully clothed!

EMSELLA® Toronto uses the high intense focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM® )to contract the pelvic floor muscles. This technology is based on the same technology as the EMSCULPT NEO®, which builds muscle to support the pelvic floor and increase blood flow to treat all types of incontinence, AKA Leaking, and not only that.. it improves sensitivity, arousal and the ability to orgasm for Women and helps ED in Men!! 


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